Our crispy journey

The journey has already started and it’s not about to stop! Come and have a snack with us!

We decided to finance our start-up via crowdfunding. Our project will start at the beginning of September on the crowdfunding platform that we have chosen Kickstarter. Crowdfunding is not yet very well known in France, which is why we would like to promote this type of solidarity financing and demonstrate that it is possible for a start-up in Europe to create and thus finance itself independently, outside the current banking and industrial system.

Like many people today, the more experienced we become, the more concerned we are and the more important it is for us that our environment is preserved and that our mode of consumption is thus adapted to the urban context of today. This is why we have chosen new, more responsible and less polluting materials on the one hand for the manufacture of our baguette holder, but also the choice of short circuits and local contacts. With our project, we want to encourage others to question their way of consuming globally (industrial and financial products) their purchasing criteria and the origin of their products. We would dream of simply giving a positive boost to the influence of our consumption patterns on current social and environmental factors because yes, it is possible to consume, manufacture and have a project financed outside the traditional circuits. So croustillons together to do and be different and more independent.

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Lifestyle made in Nice, not Paris!

Les escales de notre voyage croustillant

Février 2019

Notre idée a germée

Août 2020

Dépôt de brevet à l’INPI

Novembre 2020

On a commencé la recherche et le développement et mis en place les outils marketing

Mars 2021

Création de La compagnie du porte-baguette

Avril 2021

Production de prototype

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