An international couple, a little one who grows up in the 3 languages ​​of our lives and an extraordinary and so exciting family adventure.

Kay, an “idea factory” that has long carried the desire to change the world in a sustainable way. Due to his technical background and the experience he has gained in the areas of business development and international sales, he has fundamental experience for a successful business start-up.

Those who overcome cultural and language barriers are well prepared for a crisp trip like ours.

A son and a daughter in Cologne who visit France regularly for us and for his baguettes.

“I didn’t like working a 9am to 5pm job anymore… (although there was nothing wrong with that!). It just wasn’t for me, I felt like my soul was slowly dying every day I flirted in front of my computer screen in a mundane office. “

Delphine, the miracle language, can now fully bring her love of communication and her proven organizational talent. Go-getter and not afraid of new personal and professional adventures, those from here or elsewhere: Paris, Martinique, Frankfurt, Nice.

Since she’s young, many distant travels and a lifelong love for the flora and fauna of our planet, hence the idea of ​​designing a practical but ethical case.

But above all, does not like routine, mapped out careers but rather twists and turns, new challenges and crisp challenges.

It couldn’t have been better!

We are now ready to share this fresh and innovative adventure with you!

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